Where To Eat?

Are you concerned about where to eat when you visit Exeter? Well you do not have to worry at all. There are so many places for you to enjoy the delectable cuisine that is served in this beautiful city. In fact, it is revealed that this city is going through a food and drink revolution. You can bet that it means more exciting and satisfying dining possibilities.

Where to eat in Exeter

According to the Which Good Food Guide, Exeter is voted as one of the top places that you can eat out in the UK. There are so many options for you to satisfy the cravings of your palate while you are visiting the city of Exeter.

You have a selection of tea shops, cafes, and restaurants. You also have bistros where you can relax and enjoy the views of the beautiful town. In case you are looking for options that will sell you food on-the-go, there are markets that you can visit for that. The Exeter Farmers Market and the Guildhall Street Food Market are among your options. Here you will find a lot of pies, pastries, and other local food selections. Of course, this is England. You will see a lot of pubs where you can socialise with the locals.

Regardless of your preference, you do not have to worry about where to eat. You have a lot of options before you.

5 of the best restaurants and cafes in Exeter

Here are 5 of the best restaurants and cafes that you can find in Exeter.

Lloyd’s Kitchen

This establishment is located in the City Centre, specifically Catherine St. They serve breakfast and lunch. They also serve main courses of modern British cuisine. The restaurant has tiled walls and a hip and urban vibe to it. Regardless if you are with family or friends, this is a place that you will really enjoy eating in. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. When it comes to quality food, this is one of the best places to go to.

Dinosaur Cafe

This cafe is located on New N Road. It is a family-run establishment that serves a combination of different cuisines that include Greek, Cypriot, and Turkish. The prices are quite reasonable and you can tell that every dish is cooked fresh. Among the selections include Lentil Soup, Chicken kebabs, grilled Halloumi, and Pastichio. The hummus and pita were also very tasty.

Bella Italia Exeter

This Italian restaurant is the perfect place to have grilled dishes, pasta, and pizza. It is located in Queen St. and is the perfect spot for families with young children. They have an excellent menu that is specific to kids. The staff is very friendly and you will enjoy the various tastes of the Italian dishes that are served here.

The Welcome Cafe

This cafe is located in Haven Banks. They have great food selections and every dish is prepared fresh. Not only that, they only use locally sourced ingredients – guaranteeing freshness in every meal. This cafe is very cosy and quiet too. The staff is friendly and welcoming too!

Harry’s Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Longbrook St. It is a family-run establishment with a lot of food to offer their diners. The servers are very attentive and the atmosphere really provides a great dining experience. They serve steaks, calamari, fajitas, and even pudding. The portions can be quite big so you will really have you fill after one meal.

This is only a few of your options when you are looking where to eat in Exeter. The best adventures usually include your dining experience so make sure to know your options.