About South West England

South West England is a very popular tourist destination. It is not just for UK residents. Even those who come from different countries choose to come here for a holiday.

All about South West England

Being one of the nine regions of England, this place offers a lot of opportunities for adventure and exploration. It is also a great place to get to know the rich culture and history of England. This region is quite eventful. You will see from all the ruins and the settlements that you will find here.

This region is actually one of the largest in the area. It covers more than 9,000 square miles. All in all, 5 million people have called South West England their home.

The largest city in the region is Bristol. Of course, there are other urban centres like Swindon, Exeter, Plymouth, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Torbay, and Bath – among others. If you want to explore the beautiful landscape and nature reserves on this side of England, you can visit two national parks in Exmoor and Dartmoor.

You will also find a lot of World Heritage Sites – most of which are evidence of how vital this region is to the history of England. Among that sites that you can visit includes the Jurassic Coast and the Stonehedge.

Apart from what you can physically see, you will also marvel at the various folklore that surrounds this part of England. If you have heard about the legend of the Glastonbury Tor, this is where it all happened. Of course, who would forget about King Arthur? It is believed that the South West England was where the famous king and his knights lived.

Places to visit in South West England

Here are some of the best places to explore when you decide to visit South West England.


This is one of the most elegant cities in Somerset. There are many things to do here. You can choose to relax in one of the many thermal springs in the area. Or you can explore the Victorian parks. You can even visit the medieval abbeys that are still standing today.


If you are looking for a beach destination, this is the place that you want to go to. There are seven miles of beaches with a lot of ice cream kiosk and even a pier. It can be a very relaxing place to visit.


This is a great destination for families. You have modern museums and even magnificent bridges to visit. The fact that it is the largest city in this region means it offers a lot of entertainment opportunities. Surely, you will find something worthwhile to do in this beautiful city.


This is actually one of the popular spots to visit in South West England. The coastline is the main attraction but there is more to this place than that. They also offer the best selection of dishes. So if you are up for a food adventure, this is a great place to be in.


Do you know the Domesday Book? If you want to know more about it, this is where you should head out to. There are many museums that will expose you to it. Not only that, the manors on top of the rolling hills will transport you back in time. It is worth the trip to enjoy the scenery in this place.


The county of Devon is where the moorland National Park is located. It is a great venue for families on a holiday. There are also coastlines to be enjoyed – if that is what you want to explore.


The local farmer’s market is a great place to visit – simply because of what you can buy here. You will also enjoy the famous ridgeways – something that the whole family can explore. There are a lot of natural attractions that you can visit in Dorset if you choose to visit this place.


This used to be a very important city in the past. Although it is now more of a small town, it is still relevant because of its history. It is a great place to relax too – with various attractions like a castle, cathedral, etc.


They have a sporting heritage that you will probably enjoy if you are a sports enthusiast. But not only that, you can also enjoy riding a bike with your family if you decide to visit. The scenery is quite spectacular and you have a wide variety of local attractions to enjoy.

These are only some of the places you can visit in South West England. Feel free to explore them and enjoy every inch of this region.