Nightlife Of South West England

The nightlife in South West England is one of a kind. If you are looking for a place to go to and enjoy the night away, there are so many options for you to choose from.

Nightlife in South West England

One of the best ways to enjoy your night out in any part of England is to go to a pub or a bar. It is not just about enjoying the food and drinks. You will also enjoy the company of the locals. The English love to visit local pubs. That does not mean they drink a lot. They just like to socialise this way.

Here are some of the places that you can visit.

Smoke & Mirrors

This is actually a theatre pub that you can go to in Bristol. It is where you can watch The House Of Magicians perform a comedic magic show. They are open 6 days each week. The place offers the best wines and is proud of the real ale they serve. Both locals and tourists alike enjoy the show. They even offer discounts to those who have come to enjoy the magic show. Apart from the magic show, they also have musicians playing every now and then.

Cellar 59

This is another great destination if you want to enjoy a night out in South West England. This particular bar is in Lyme Regis. They have the best beer – all in cask ales with traditional hand pumps. They also serve the best food to compliment the drink like cheese. The place serves both vegan and meat dishes – which means you get to have more options regardless of the diet that you prefer.

The Dark Horse Bar

This is a great cocktail place in Bath. they have a seasonal menu that offers only the best dishes made of the freshest local produce. They have a great sound system and the place is filled with handmade furniture and also some antiques. This place looks like it is in a cellar – which amplifies the whole experience.

Of course, not everyone is interested in drinking in pubs. Fortunately, there are other options for you to enjoy a night out in South West England.

Casinos in South West England

For some people, a night out means fun and adventure. What is more thrilling than playing in a casino, right? The question is, where can you find casinos in South West England?

Grosvenor Casino in Bournemouth

This is a mid-sized casino in Bournemouth. It has a couple of slot machines and also poker tables for you to enjoy. They also have Craps, Wheel of Fortune, Blackjack, and Roulette. The slots are usually open 24/7 but the live table games are only available from 10 am to 7 pm. They hold poker tournaments – if you that is your thing you may want to join in on the fun.

Rainbow Casino in Bristol

If you are in Bristol, this is a mid-sized casino that you can go to. They have slot machines and various table games like Poker, Punto Banco, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps. They also have Casino Wars and Texas Hold’em Tournaments. You can play the slot machines anytime – also the live table games.

Genting Casino in Plymouth

This is a mid-sized casino that you can visit if you happen to be in Plymouth. They also have slot machines that you can play only between 12:00 to 6:00. They have table games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker. They also have Mahjong.

Consider these casinos in case you are looking for a night out in South West England. What is great about going to a casino is you can play slot machines or table games – while you are drinking. You also get the chance to win something as you try your luck at gambling. This is a win-win situation for sure.