Since the outdoors is such a huge thing for Exeter residents, you should probably get to know their geography. After all, if you will enjoy the outdoor activities, you want to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

The geography of Exeter

The small city of Exeter is located along the River Exe – specifically the eastern bank. It is on a land that is backed by a steep hill. The combination makes for a very serene environment – which is surprising considering the colourful history of the city that is filled with sieges and battles.

The location of the city on the River Exe is just where it joins the River Creedy. It opens to a wide floodplain. That means the city is prone to flooding when the water rises for any reason. In the past, the low location makes it a perfect spot for trade. Not only that, the high ridge behind it makes it a perfect settlement for defense purposes. With the lands surrounding it quite fertile, you should not be surprised why the geography is a good enough reason to set up a town in this place.

Just like a lot of places in England, Exeter also has a vast area of woodlands that allow hunting and access to natural resources.

The climate in Exeter

It is also possible to blame the geography of Exeter for the climate that it experiences. Local residents go through mild yet very wet winters while the summer season can get hot. When it rains, the atmosphere cools to that can sometimes provide a welcome relief during the summer.

Usually, the hottest month is in July and the coldest is every January of the year. October is the month when they get the most rain. Of course, with the climate change, it can sometimes change – but nothing too significant.

Since Dartmoor provides a bit of shelter for the city, they get to experience more frost than what is usual. This is also the reason why they get warmer summers compared to their neighbors.

The demographics in Exeter

Now that we know the geography and the climate in Exeter, let us talk about the demographics of the city. There are more than 100,000 local residents in Exeter and it grows during the tourist season. Most of the people living here are White but there are also other races or nationalities. There are immigrants coming from Asia, America, and the Middle East. There are also nationalities from all over Europe that have decided to come and live in Exeter.

As you can see, the physical aspects of this small city are quite interesting. If you want to have a change of scenery and climate, you already know what to expect when you come to live in Exeter.