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Thanks for dropping in to the web site of the Exeter Exiles and the 1931 Fund.

If you would like to join us in paying £19 per month to keep a promising player in the Number 31 shirt, then please do contact us.

To learn more about the 1931 Fund, which has raised £70,000 to pay the wages of Exeter City's number 31 for six seasons, please click here.

Our last Number 31 was Graham Cummins (pic left) who played a crucial role in rescuing City from early season crisis club to play-off contenders in 2014/15.

The 1931 Fund paid £15,000 to part-fund his recruitment. City were really struggling financially at that time, so it was committed fans clubbing together to pay into the fund who enabled Tis to bring in the more experienced, mobile target man he needed.  

About the Exeter Exiles

The Exeter Exiles are a group of Exeter City supporters, formed in London in the early 1990s. We're still at our strongest in the capital - and the majority of us are London Grecians - but our membership of over 150 City fans is spread far and wide.

Our main role is to keep exiled Grecians in touch with Exeter City. We do this both figuratively, through weekly news emails, and literally, by offering travel, (usually by rail), from London to just about every Exeter City match.

Elliott Chamberlain

We charge a small annual membership fee, currently £10, which helps to keep the Exiles running smoothly and enables us to offer financial backing to Exeter City and the Supporters' Trust.

In 2010, we paid £1,000 towards the ‘Pitch In’ fund, which enabled a new playing surface to replace the increasingly tired looking old St James Park pitch.

Back in the Summer of 2003, with City facing their darkest hour, the Exiles raised £3,000 in one boozy evening to help keep the club alive.

We have a representative on the Board of Society of the Exeter City Supporters’ Trust. The Trust is the majority shareholder of Exeter City FC and the organisation which leads the football club – a glorious success story in which we’re incredibly proud to be playing our part.

We also have a very active role in the Association of Provincial Football Supporters Clubs in London (APFSCIL). This organisation exists to promote links between and represent the interests of London based supporters clubs.

The Exeter Exiles administer The 1931 Fund, which collects £19 per month from around sixty City supporters – most exiled from Devon’s fair city and many of whom are Exeter Exiles members.
The money raised by The 1931 Fund covers the wages of Exeter City’s Number 31. Our first Number 31 was James Norwood in 2009, pictured above with Ed Beattie, Trev Arnold and Dave Hill of the South Coast Grecians.

After funding James for two years, Callum McNish wore the Number 31 shirt in 2011/12 and Elliott Chamberlain took over the honour between 2012 and 2014. Graham Cummins was our Number 31 in the exciting 2014/15 season.

As well as supporting City, we also try to play the beautiful game ourselves, not always especially beautifully, and have been London FA members for 20 seasons.

The Exeter Exiles FC side plays in London against the likes of Aberdeen, Ireland, Middlesbrough, the always moaning Celtic and the surprisingly nice Plymouth Argyle in the APFSCIL Football League. We reached the last 16 of the London FA Sunday Cup in 2010 and the quarter finals in 2003. 

It’s not all in London though. Two Exiles sides enter the massive annual WorldNet football tournament in Leeds, whiles a group of Exiles head each year to the beautiful Greek island of Andros to play our Greek Grecians friends.

We also try to keep in close contact with the large number of City supporters in Norway (pic of some of our Bergen based Grecians enjoying City's win at Charlton). See the Links box (left) for their web site and other key ECFC corners of the web.

Oh and we like pubs and curry too. We arrange to meet up socially from time to time - including an evening with former City star Nicky Marker in 2009 - and we also compete against other London based supporters clubs in APFSCIL darts and pool competitions. There’s plenty going on...

We’d love you to join the Exeter Exiles. And, if you’re already a member, please keep checking here for the latest news and definitely do keep in touch.